Do you feel more like co-existing roommates than lovers?

In 8 weeks, Intimacy Revival Roadmap will lay a new foundation for intimacy & communication in your relationship so you can grow together, not apart...


Together, you have been navigating some exhausting combination of career struggles, money issues, health complications, parenting, family drama, daily stresses, & getting supper on the table...

by the end of the day it is just easier to...


get some rest because you have to do this all again tomorrow


get a minute to yourself or for yourself, exercise or do a hobby


catch up on social media, binge some netflix, or finish up some work 

But this ongoing cycle results it co-existing & feeling more like roommates

It has become the norm to get so busy creating a LIFE together that we forget to work on the LOVE that holds is all together.

We live in the same house but feel distant & disconnected

We love each other but feel annoyed, frustrated, & resentful

Life is good but we feel empty, bored, & like something is missing

We sleep in the same bed but don’t touch or have sex we truly enjoy

We talk everyday but a lot goes unsaid & nothing seems to change

We try to make things better but it ends in fights, tears, or avoidance

You might never say it out loud, but this disconnect makes it hard to feel confident or excited about the future of your relationship.

At this point, you either don't know what to do to make things better, or one of you thinks it's time for therapy, while the other is convinced you just need to 'spice' things up. Either way, you need a proven roadmap for reviving your intimacy.

For over a decade, I use to feel the same way & that is why I created...

Superior Results & Long Term Impact

Intimacy Revival Roadmap combines the transformative power of a good therapy session, with proven intimacy & communication enhancing tools. We sprinkle in implementation practices that accelerate your results & drizzle in playful fun to keep you both wanting more from your relationship!

Intimacy Revival Roadmap Includes 8 In-Home Therapeutic Date Nights (click each date below to read more)

The video guided dates are an interactive experience where you are watching/learning as well as practicing & discussing right in the date. You will end with actions for the week to keep playing & implementing what you just learned. Dates range from 30-90 minutes to complete; you can do it all at once or break it up if you get interrupted. Even with busy schedules & very little extra time or energy, you won't have to plan a thing! You choose if you want to date monthly or weekly & you can use these dates again & again as a reset or boost!

You do a lot that goes unnoticed or unappreciated, until now. I get it, it is easy to take our partners for granted & when life gets busy it seems more efficient to just mention what is not working. 

Even couples who ARE showing their love & appreciation, are doing it in a way that their partner can not actually RECEIVE it (or worse, their partner actually hates it and it annoys them).

This week you will discover & practice showing each other love/appreciation in the ways you actually crave.

No one can push our buttons better than our partner. Most couples filter what they say so they don't offend or cause a fight. 

This week you will stop being nervous or scared to bring up difficult conversations. Stop feeling the need to protect your partners feelings, or not get the truth out because you are worried about offending them.

With a few communication tricks you will be amazed how ease this can be.  

Also, discover your self sabotaging patterns that pull you further apart so you can stop them from stealing your intimacy.

Most couples only seek growth together when they are in trouble & the rest of the time they are on autopilot. They might be working on their goals separately but rarely do that have a vision & structure to grow their love/ intimacy over time.

This week you will learn what is truly important to you both about your relationship & create a vision for your future about where this LOVE is going & how you want it to grow. This helps to reveal why we are motivated to spend time, money, energy on different things. We will align your relationship values so can make what is important to you both a priority. 

So many relationships are void of all intimacy because somewhere along the lines we made all forms of connection lead to sex. We stop hugging, kissing, flirting, looking in each others eyes, etc. 

This week we will reintroduce you to the magic of intimacy without an agenda.

You will leave with fun intimacy increasing exercises so when you are spending time together you are actually growing closer together & stirring up the chemistry.  

Ok, this changed my life. I am going to introduce you a new way of thinking about getting turned on (even if you feel like your not very sexual or struggle to get turned on).

This will you will get the truth about what turns your partner on (& what doesn't). No more mind-reading. 

You will also learn how to ask & get your needs met. Hey, you might be starved for sex or connection, I GET IT!

You will get plenty of practice getting clear on your needs, asking for what you want, & will feel surprisingly safe doing so.

You might be thinking, "we talk all the time". If we are honest, most of us have swallowed more conversations then you can count. There can be years of built of conversations, so much so that you don't even know where to start.

From MONEY, MENTAL ILLNESS, PARENTING, to FAMILY ISSUES, a relationship needs to have the skills to navigate them all.

This week you will learn to how take each others personal needs & desires that you have learned so far and plan surprises & dates that keeps things new and fun.

2 personalized date experiences will be put them on the calendar, these are carefully crafted for each other based off of your values, how you receive love, & what turns you on.

Lucky you, after these 8 weeks you already have the habit of meeting weekly for 1 hour. I am going to show you how to keep this going. 

Life gets busy, so our Intimacy Interruption system will ensure you both stay connected & know what to do on a weekly basis to keep moving forward. 

End this week with massive relief knowing everything you want to talk about or say to your partner has either been said or is in the que for a later discussion (I will show you how).

& I get that starting conversations or knowing what conversations you need to have is the hardest part, we will set you up for weeks to come. 



The Most Worthwhile Investment

You invest into things like TV's, gyms, phones, cars, vacations & houses...but what about your relationship?

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8 Video Guided Date Night Experiences

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My name is Janelle Fraser, I am a relationship coach with nearly a decade of experience, sexual abuse survivor, a partner in an 14 year relationship that struggled with intimacy for a decade, & a mom of two. Which basically means, I have had to personally implement every ounce of what I will teach you. I created this work to get myself out of the co-existing pain I was in.

We have better INTIMACY after kids than we ever did before, I feel confident expressing my needs & desires, & I no longer question my relationship.

I experience no long lasting frustrations, only have enjoyable intimate experiences, continually impressed with how well my partner communicates, regular meaningful conversations, I feel love and appreciated most of the time, I know what turns me on & how to get my needs met, I feel safe bringing any conversations to my partner, we are continually trying new things for our relationship...we are LOVERS!

Professionally, I specialize in intimacy struggles in committed relationships which includes things like mismatched desires/libidos, intimate communication, & overcoming trauma/past conflicts.

On this topic, I have millions of views, worked with hundreds of clients, spoken on dozens of stages, hosted dozens of courses, live events, & retreats.

I was named by Yahoo Finance as a "Top 10 Relationship Coach". I have been coaching full-time since 2013 & have worked with doctors, lawyers, business owners, real estate agents, teachers, stay @ home parents & everywhere in between. I graduated with honors in Kinesiology/Psychology (mind/body) & am a board certified Master Coach & Trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis, & Coaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Someone has to be the leader in your relationship. If you are here, it is you. Make the investment & share your desire for making this the best year yet in your relationship.

2. YOU DON'T "NEED" THEM. You can be the leader in your relationship & watch/learn/implement on your own. Often times resistant partners are scared or doubtful. Seeing your progress & how you are interacting with them differently often opens them up to the process. You just need to lead.

3. Don't convince them, sell them! How do THEY want your relationship to improve? What are THEIR needs? Shine a light on how doing to this experience is going to help you give them that! 

We HAVE to know what is in it for US...we are selfish beings. Let them know what is in it for THEM and what it will do for them. 

This work would be extremely complimentary to therapy or private coaching, if that is what you choose. You might need extra support from a coach or another professional if there is a history of abuse, serious depression or anxiety, mental illness, or if your are personally really struggling outside of your relationship. Even with these factors, this work would be extremely helpful but it might just be incomplete for some of your presenting issues. Also, most of my clients say "I got more in a day with you than years of therapy" there is that!  

First of all, this is COACHING! So you can take a breath knowing you are not going to therapy. Nothing is wrong with you. You are not broken. You are just really brave & honest about what you need in a way that most people are not. We are not finding out what is WRONG with you, diagnosing anything, or blaming anyone for anything. You will not be talking about problems for hours on end or digging up old trauma. It is expected that you will actually have a lot of fun doing this!

You get to adjust this to your schedule. A weekly or monthly date is suggested but if you do not have time for the whole date, each one is broken up into sections so you can just do part of it. 

If you are doing long distance, you can each watch separately & do all the discussions together.  

You get life time access to the dates so if now is a little crazy, you can still get the deal & come back to them when you are ready!

I share this idea that "order matters", having a sex issue is a symptom of a disconnection & miscommunication. When we want to solve this issue we often jump to physical solutions that create more resistance, like trying to spice things up. This lays the foundation of safety, trust, communication, understanding, & baby steps to heal an ongoing intimacy struggle.


Alright, this is the moment I am going to coach you (I hope I have your permission). 

1. Think of all the things you spend money on now, what do they add to your life? Do they truly make you feel the way you want to feel? or are you left longing for more? Most of us do temporary self care like our hair or nails or he goes snowmobiling, or we eat out and drink on the weekends, etc. We plan trips, live in fancy houses, and drive nice cars...but still feel this void. Redirecting money is possible & if this is important to you, you can make it happen. 

2. You likely cannot afford not to, what is having this relationship the way it is costing you? Your happiness? maybe your health? how it is impacting your kids (yes, they notice)? where are you heading (divorce)?

I am not here to convince you or sell you something you do not want or need. I am here to remind you that if you want it, make it happen! 

You can absolutely enjoy dates on your own, you will learn a lot about yourself, & your relationships as we result. You can do them with a partner when your ready or perhaps you just bring the magic you learn back to your relationship! 

Thank goodness. Most people wait until their relationship is bad before they make a change.

Many couples have GOOD partners & GOOD relationships. But they want more out of their relationship or to make it ever better!

Is Your Relationship Worth It?

We work so hard for the life we have but often forget about working on the relationship that holds it all together...

Regular $1000

ONLY $497

save over $500

8 Video Guided Date Night Experiences

Personalized Relationship Challenges

Lifetime Access For Ongoing Use

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You are backed by my 30-DAY MONEY TRANSFER GUARANTEE. If for whatever reason, the date experience does not feel right or it is not the place you want to start, simply request a transfer within the first 30 days and your entire investment can be transferred toward private sessions or any other offers. Your investment is not refundable.


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