Untangling challenges in our sexuality, intimacy, & relationships on our own is often an extremely defeating vicious cycle. Let me show you how simple it can be...


How Can We Help?

As a team of certified coaches, we guide both individuals & couples though a complex range of challenges & desires. Doing life with someone is no joke, we make sure everyone gets out alive!

Communication: appreciation, different values, control, expectations

Intimacy: sex, desires, boredom, trauma, alternative relationship structures

Lifestyle: different interest, changing focus or desires about future, conflicting schedules, busy, growing apart, children, career changes, health & illness, in business together  

Emotional Issues: lying, trust, infidelity,  upbringing, past issues lingering

Conflicts: technology, parenting, money, in laws, arguments


Confidence: body image, self love & understanding, overthinking

Sexuality: turn on, intimacy, relationships, shame, trauma, sex feels like work, don't want to be touched, painful sex, & lack of desire

Relationships: over giving, resentment, boundaries 

Motherhood: loss of self, changes in identity, exhaustion, guilt, all touched out

Career: Balance, guilt, overwhelmed

Emotional: jealousy, anger/rage depression, anxiety, trauma, pain caused from emotions


Confidence: powerless, not manly, lack of respect, body image, overthinking

Sexuality: communication, rushing, struggling to please partner, intimacy, relationships, shame, trauma

Relationships: communication, dealing with emotions, partner is controlling, not time to self

Fatherhood: stay at home dad, loss of power

Career: balance, responsibility, pressure

Emotional: how to get in touch with emotions, jealousy, honesty, anger/rage depression, anxiety



Every session includes clear action steps & important notes to ensure your session brings positive changes



taxes included (CDN)

60 Minutes




taxes included (CDN)

90 Minutes




15 Minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

Session are either online video or at my office in Fredericton NB (Canada). When you book you can select which is best for you.

Don't convince them, sell them! How do THEY want your relationship to improve? What are THEIR needs? Shine a light on how doing to this is going to help you give them that! 

We HAVE to know what is in it for US. Let him know what is in it for THEM and what it will do for them.

Finally, maybe you need to lead first. Maybe you need to start with individual session or a course.

This work would be extremely complimentary to therapy but different. Another professional might be necessary & I will refer if needed.

Also, most of my clients say "I got more in a day with you than years of therapy" there is that!  

First of all, this is COACHING! So you can take a breath knowing you are not going to therapy. Nothing is wrong with you. You are not broken. You are just really brave & honest about what you need in a way that most people are not. We are not finding out what is WRONG with you, diagnosing anything, or blaming anyone for anything. You will not be talking about problems for hours on end or digging up old trauma. It is expected that you will actually have a lot of fun doing this work!

I do not believe there is a perfect order. You start where you can start. OFTEN, one partner has to start the change first within themselves & inspire the other partner into it. Sometimes, both partners come to me from the beginning. BOTH ARE PERFECT!

This is possible you will fight & it is my intention to help you learn to communicate in such a way that prevents "fights". I create A LOT of rules and structure in the experiences I give you so if you follow them, this will help to prevent any unnecessary tension.

In Short, I do have course options that might make more sense for you & payment plans can be made a clarity call to make a plan! 

AND...this is the moment I am going to coach you (I hope I have your permission). 

1. Think of all the things you spend money on now, what do they add to your life? Do they truly make you feel the way you want to feel? or are you left longing for more? Most of us do temporary self care like our hair or nails or he goes snowmobiling, or we eat out and drink on the weekends, etc. We plan trips, live in fancy houses, and drive nice cars...but still feel this void. Redirecting money is possible & if this is important to you, you can make it happen. 

2. You likely cannot afford not to, what is having this relationship the way it is costing you? Your happiness? maybe your health? how it is impacting your kids (yes, they notice)? where are you heading (divorce)?

I am not here to convince you or sell you something you do not want or need. I am here to remind you that if you want it, make it happen!

No, sorry. If you are only willing to invest in your relationship if your insurance will cover might be worth your while to ask yourself why. It is a personal choice for me to not have my work covered through insurance. Clients use to only support themselves with a change to the level that their insurance company would pay for it. If we really want to change, we must be willing to put a little skin in the game... if ya know what I'm saying!

Most people OVER estimate how hard it is going to be to make a change & UNDER estimate how painful, costly, & hard it will be to stay where they are. You have NOTHING to lose.


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