More Like Friends Than Lovers: Avoid The Co-Existing Trap Most Couples Unintentionally Fall Into

Presented by Janelle Fraser, an intimacy expert with a decade of experience, sexual abuse survivor, & a partner in an 11 year relationship


You have a "good" relationship & a "great" partner that you love, yet you feel completely disconnected


There is little-to-no intimacy, passion, & sex. This has been going on for years & you have tried talking about it but nothing seems to change.

You are never in the mood & rarely feel turned on.

You dread going to bed because you don’t want to say no, again.

Or worse, linger in that pressure filled moment where you know they want sex

And you are laying frozen, either pretending to be asleep, praying they wont touch you, & spinning through all the reasons you are not in the mood.

Wishing they would read your mind.

In this moment, it feels like all they want from you is sex.

It feels like a vicious cycle you can't seem to get out of.


Give Me The Training

It is common to feel scared, defeated, & a little hopeless. But I am telling you, you are in this relationship for a reason & it does not have to be this way. I made this for you!  


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Infuse Your Relationship With Intimacy

Get some fun & surprisingly easy tricks. Navigating even the most challenging of issues in relationships will become easier with these simple skills.


Breakdown Resistance & Resentment

Begin to untangle the years of unspoken frustrations, buildup of resentment, & resistance to having the love you crave and know is possible with your partner.

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Feel more connected, happy, & full in your relationship. This kit is something you can use right away to shake out the tension & stagnation.

You Both Deserve Better

Trust me, you are OVER estimating how difficult it will be to make this change & severely UNDER estimating how difficult it will be to stay where we are.


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