Feel "In The Mood" More Often & Actually Enjoy Intimacy...

Connecting To The One You Love Doesn't Have To Feel Like Work.


Your partner is amazing, you love them. However, intimately speaking, you feel completely DISCONNECTED & shut down. It seems so simple for them but you feel like a big complicated HASSLE.

Most women don't even know what the problem is, how their partners can help them, or if they even want things to change. Sometimes, it feels like "I'm just not a touchy person" or "maybe we are not intimately compatible". Women tell me all the time that:

They HATE Going To Bed Together

Women pray their partner won't touch them so they won't have to say no...again. Or just do it, because they don't want them to be disappointed...again. Eventually, they just stop going to bed together, someone stays up to work or watch a show. This cycle is too much to handle every night. 

They "Do It" Just To Release The Pressure

If they do it tonight, they can relax for a few days. Or they do it, purely because they feel like they should or have to, or so their partner doesn't cheat. They often fake or exaggerate their enjoyment & push through discomfort. 

They Feel Broken & Cringe Under Their Partners Touch

It is like their body is pulling away & resisting touch as soon as they feel their partner. It hurts knowing how much they are hurting their partner by not being able to show them affection. They begin feeling like something must be wrong with them.

There is a way for you to enjoy intimacy, reconnect to your partner, & heck, maybe even initiate!

Women Waste Time, Energy, & Tears Trying To "Fix" Themselves:

They bounce from idea to idea trying to find the answers yet slightly afraid to find them...

"Is it my hormones? Is something physically wrong with me?"

"It's the kids, I can't be frisky as a mom or risk them hearing"

"Maybe I need more confidence or to get in better shape?"

"It must be that traumatic event that happen, I'm clearly not over it"

"Maybe I'm not attracted to my partner. But what would that mean for our relationship?"

"If I told him what I wanted he would think I was asking to much, taking to much time, or he wouldn't want to do it anyways"

It is not too late. All of this is totally possible for you & your relationship. Whether this has been going since the beginning or just the last few years 

…but experiencing these changes is only possible when you are willing to try some new things & have some new conversations. 

Your experience must be professionally guided, take into account ALL the complex parts that are keeping you stuck, & help you to move this knowledge into your relationship.

You have spent enough time not knowing why this is happening or knowing what to do. You have had enough conversations that don't change anything. 

It is time to make real progress, feel some relief, & enjoy effortless intimacy with your partner. All play. No Work. 

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to my women's experience...

It’s a step-by-step training + guide to discover what you need & want to enjoy frequent & fulfilling intimacy with your partner...

without any pressure to do anything right away with this new knowledge!

It will save you YEARS of trying to figure it out on your own & when you are ready you will have the tools to feel confident as a woman & completely in love and connected to your partner!


  • For the last 7 years I have been inside the hearts, minds, & lives of hundreds of woman who want more from their lives & relationships but didn't know that way.
  • I have guided women through their personal blocks, past traumas, pain, & into the woman they have always wanted to be.
  • For the last 24 months I have guided dozens of couples back into love & appreciation for each other.
  • I have helped these couples transform their communication & intimacy in a matter of a few hours or days.
  • & For the last 11 years, I have been in the trenches of intimacy struggles in my own relationship...I know exactly what it takes.


My name is Janelle Fraser, I am a relationship coach with nearly a decade of experience, sexual abuse survivor, a partner in an 11 year relationship, & a mom. Which basically means, I have had to personally implement every ounce of what I will teach you. I felt JUST like you & now...

We have more frequent & fulfilling INTIMACY after a baby than we ever did before, I feel confident expressing my needs & desires, & I feel zero pressure to be intimate. 

I now only have enjoyable intimate experiences, I no longer question my relationship, I know what turns me on & how to get my needs met, I feel safe bringing any intimate conversation to my partner, we are continually trying new things for our relationship...we are LOVERS!


Here is what my clients are saying:

"She taught me, a non-sexual person, how to be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a highly sexual man. I now have a higher libido and ACTUALLY FIND MYSELF WANTING SEX, which I've never experienced in my life. It's amazing."

"I no longer think that I am a "broken" woman. I hadn't been prioritizing my needs because I didn't know what my needs were. Prior to Janelle's coaching, I only knew about one type of intimacy (sex) and that was very limiting and anxiety-inducing. Janelle taught me that intimacy isn't just sex & introduced me to a range of options. Janelle taught me how to:  

  • love and accept myself more
  • make more space for my needs
  • how to communicate those needs to my partner."
"MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS IN TWO MONTHS: As soon as I found Janelle, I told my boyfriend that I knew her tips would be what would make our relationship better. I was right!"

"Prior to finding Janelle, I felt a lot of shame. I didn't have a very high libido, I found it difficult to get over past sexual trauma, & and I just didn't find sex appealing. For the last two year, I had been looking for a teacher who would understand me. I found Janelle (in March 2020). She embodies an amazing duality: she shares her personal story so you don’t feel alone but is objective enough to coach you through your specific situation."

"A couple of months ago, I entered Janelle's community feeling like a malfunctioning 20-year-old. I am young, don’t have kids, an established career, & I am not married to my partner."

"I told myself that I was "broken" because I didn't have any "real" problem in my relationship. I was hard on myself for not being happy with what I had & for wanting more.

However, as soon as I got rid of my internalized stigma that younger individuals and newer relationships had to be sex-driven, couldn't be struggling, & need work. I was able to apply Janelle's advice to my young relationship. Everything changed!"

"She teaches women how to make things interesting in a relationship again, HOW TO 'RESET' A RELATIONSHIP

and how to establish an exciting playing ground within it, whether that be sexual or not, and no matter how "dead" the relationship might seem."

Frequently Asked Questions

YOU DON'T NEED THEM. This journey is just for you. If you desire to bring change into your relationship, you can complete the lesson on that in the course. There are direct ways & subtle ways to infuse the change you desire.

This is a self study experience which means you can fit it in your schedule & go at your own pace. YOU OWN PACE is essential to the changes you want to experience. All lessons are broken up into short videos that are quick to watch. In total, the experience is about 4 hours depending on how much you pause to write & respond to my questions. 

This work would be extremely complimentary to therapy or private coaching. You will get tools that you would not get in therapy.

You might need extra support from a coach or another professional if there is a history of abuse, serious depression or anxiety, mental illness, or if your are personally really struggling outside of your relationship.

Even with these factors, this work would be extremely helpful but it might just be incomplete for some of your presenting issues.

Although intimacy is the focus, communication is a CORE focus. You can expect to notice other positive changes as well. I do have other options if you want more after this experience! 

May 12-16th, 2020 is the release week & daily lessons will be uploaded into the members area (you will receive an email with login details).

You will also get an invitation to watch the live recordings in a private fb group.

Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide.

If for whatever reason you don’t receive your welcome email please contact us at [email protected]

You will have access for at least a year or as long as the training lives!


If for whatever reason, the In The Mood Women's Experience wasn't the best money you have ever spent, request a refund within the first 14 days with your completed homework and get your investment back. To be clear, homework and the completion of the full experience are required for all refund requests.

Being 'In The Mood' Feels Like Wave Of Vitality, A Burst Of Energizing Confidence, & An Exciting Adventure


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