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Your situation, relationship, & needs are unique. Let's do a private coaching session to breakthrough your blocks, help you bring the changes you desire into your relationship, and keep you accountable when life gets busy.

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Intimate Confidence For Men

Intimate Confidence For Men is the most supportive & fastest way for you to feel wanted & desired in your relationship & have frequent & fulfilling intimacy! 

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to 8 Video Lessons will walk you step-by-step through:

✔ Break Free From The Initiation / Rejection Cycle: Learn how to initiate with confidence & in a way that leaves you feeling wanted & desired…watch as she also surprises you with initiations of intimacy & affection!  

✔ Understand What She Actually Wants & Needs To Desire & Enjoy Intimacy With You: What Is Going On In Her Head (& Body), What Is It That She Wants, & What Is Going To Turn Her On...She Might Not Even Know This About Herself! Feel Confident Knowing The Effort You Are Putting In Is Actually Going To Make A Difference! 

 Inspire & Open Her Up To Reconnecting & Improving Your Intimacy: Understand How You Can Dramatically Transform Your Relationship & Intimate Life Even If Your Partner Is Not Open To Intimacy Right Now! Get Her On Board To Improve Your Relationship & Intimacy!  

✔ Have More Frequent & Fulfilling Intimacy That You BOTH Enjoy (real desire & connection): Reignite The Spark & Learn How To Keep It Alive With Quick & Simple Practices/Tools

Turn Her On With Deep Emotional & Conversational Intimacy: Make the conversations you have actually lead to positive change, have Her Feel Comfortable Talking About Intimacy, present your perspective in a way she will care about, & learn to discuss painful issues that supports & heals 

Make Intimacy A Priority & Learn To Infuse Connection Into A Busy Life

You will receive: 

  • 8 Video Lessons
  • Clear Action Steps & A Plan
  • Bedside Manual For Quick Reference Of Essentials 
  • Lifetime AccessGo At Your Own Pace: Binge It or Take It Slow!


  • 8 In-Home Therapeutic Date Nights ($1000 value)
  • Relationship Meeting Magic
  • Kinda Kinky

  • Meaningful Conversations 

  • Unlocking Desire

  •  Slow Sex Workshop

  •  Keep The Spark Alive With Meaningful Dates

What Men Are Saying:

MAJOR Improvements in 2 months!

Our overall communication is the best it's ever been!


We have become so much more connected in just two weeks

My relationship with my wife has NEVER been stronger. A complete transformation in under 6 months & I want to keep feeding this fire!