$17.00 USD

How To Talk To Your Partner About Intimacy

Learn How ONE Powerful Conversation Can Get Your Partner On Board, Open The Door To Intimacy, & Redirect You Towards A Connected Relationship

What's Included?

• How To Talk To Your Partner About Intimacy Video Workshop

• Workshop In Audio Only For Listening On The Go

• Stay Consistent: An Intimacy Check-In Guide

• Keep Conversations On Track Checklist

• Start Meaningful Conversations Daily

• Break The Cycle Of A Resistant Partner Who Doesn’t Want To Talk About It (Trouble Shooting Training) 


If this training wasn't helpful in your journey, request a refund within the first 14 days with your completed homework and get your investment back. To be clear, homework, troubleshooting effort, and the completion of the full experience are required for all refund requests.