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Together, you will navigate births, deaths, careers, money, mental & physical health, parenting, daily stress, & more...

We believe it is important to keep reinventing ourselves & our relationship, so we can create both a LOVE & LIFE we are obsessed with!


How Can We Help?

As a team of certified coaches, we guide both individuals & couples though a complex range of challenges & desires. Doing life with someone is no joke, we make sure everyone gets out alive

Communication: appreciation, different values, control, expectations

Intimacy: sex, desires, boredom, trauma, alternative relationship structures

Lifestyle: different interest, changing focus or desires about future, conflicting schedules, busy, growing apart, children, career changes, health & illness, in business together  

Emotional Issues: lying, trust, infidelity,  upbringing, past issues lingering

Conflicts: technology, parenting, money, in laws, arguments


Confidence: body image, self love & understanding, overthinking

Sexuality: turn on, intimacy, relationships, shame, trauma, sex feels like work, don't want to be touched, painful sex, & lack of desire

Relationships: over giving, resentment, boundaries 

Motherhood: loss of self, changes in identity, exhaustion, guilt, all touched out

Career: Balance, guilt, overwhelmed

Emotional: jealousy, anger/rage depression, anxiety, trauma, pain caused from emotions


Confidence: powerless, not manly, lack of respect, body image, overthinking

Sexuality: communication, rushing, struggling to please partner, intimacy, relationships, shame, trauma

Relationships: communication, dealing with emotions, partner is controlling, not time to self

Fatherhood: stay at home dad, loss of power

Career: balance, responsibility, pressure

Emotional: how to get in touch with emotions, jealousy, honesty, anger/rage depression, anxiety


Do You Feel More Like Friends Than Lovers?

You have a "good" relationship & a "great" partner that you love, yet you feel completely disconnected.

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Hi, I'm Janelle Fraser & I am a relationship coach, which is basically a personal trainer for the most complex, challenging & rewarding relationship of your life!

You can think of a coach as an alternative, more hip, and practical approach to therapy. I specialize in navigating communication & intimacy challenges for women and couples. By intimacy I mean, depth of communication, emotional connection & quality of physical interactions (sex). I have nearly a decade of experience speaking, teaching hundreds of workshops & retreats, & coaching thousands of clients.

Personally,  I am a sexual abuse survivor, a partner in an 11 year relationship, & a mom. Which basically means, I have had to implement every ounce of what I will teach you.


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