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Untangle Why You Are Never In The Mood & Don't Enjoy Sex

It is time to discover how you get turned on, feel safe in your sexuality, communicate your intimate needs to your partner, & create a deeply satisfying relationship 

How Can I Work With You?

3 Ways To Get Intimate With Me

Hire Me To Speak

We can keep it light or take it deep, heart-string-pulling, & soul-stirring. Send me your vision, audience details, & budget so we can make your event unforgetttable.

Intimate Communication

Create A Deeply Satisfying Relationship with 8 Date Nights to infuse intimacy & communication back into your relationship

Private Coaching

Working privately with me (solo or with your partner) guarantees accelerated  transformation. It starts with a 2-month commitment & a significant 4-figure investment.  

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But what exactly do you do & do I need to take my clothes off?

Naked is a metaphor so you will keep your clothes on. My work is Intimate Communication & can be simplified into 3 steps:

  • SEE: I guide you understand your thoughts, feelings, & circumstances. Where you feel broken or weak. Your power lives here! 
  • SURRENDER: I allow you to safely feel & process your messiness. Trying to pretend like everything is fine & stuff your emotions away ends here. Your beauty lives here!
  • SPEAK: I teach you how to communicate to yourself & others (aka: your partner) in a way that creates intimacy & healing. From upsetting, uncomfortable, & casual conversations the way you share yourself will never be the same. Your happiness & freedom lives here (ahhhhhh)!


Okay, I want to work with you

Intimacy is NOT Sex


We have surprisingly comfortable conversations about sexual struggle, shame, trauma, relationship challenges, & mental illness.

Only when you allow yourself to see, feel & speak the messiness that lives inside of you, can you experience your power, beauty, & happiness.

Shining a light into your darkness is the fastest way to heal & express the woman you crave to be.

This is intimacy.

Hi, I'm Janelle Fraser & yes, this work is deep! 

I am a personal transformation & intimacy expert. In the field of personal development & human potential, I have nearly a decade of experience speaking, teaching hundreds of workshops & retreats, & coaching thousands of clients. I started in psychology (mind) & kinesiology (body) and found myself becoming a trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, & various healing modalities (#obsessed)

Personally, I had an amazing life but when it came to my sexuality, I felt disconnected, broken & like a big complicated mess. I was shut down from my amazing partner & our interactions were making things worse. In a stumble to save myself & this relationship, I developed Intimate Communication. This allowed me to  heal past trauma and countless inner blocks, reinvent myself and our relationship, learning to communicate intimately, embracing my vulnerability, & find my feminine power.

I Want To Work With You

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