Do You Feel More Like Friends Than Lovers?

You have a "good" relationship & a "great" partner that you love, yet you feel completely disconnected.

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Convince Your Partner To Get Help

Woman come to me feeling stuck because their partner is not open, book a consultation or use these 3 steps to get your partner willing to try something new

Be Confident

Most of us approach these conversations conflicted & unsure of what you want. You need to come with the confidence that this is something you want to try, that something has to change NOW in the relationship, & from that place you are asking your partner to do this with you. 

Consider Their Needs

How do THEY want your relationship to improve? What are THEIR needs? Focus on how doing this is going to help them get what they want. They HAVE to know what is in it for THEM. 

Ask Directly

We are usually make assumptions about how our partner will feel or we have hinted about getting help before & didn't get our desired reaction. Have a conversation where you are DIRECTLY asking them to do THIS with your NOW! 

We expect our relationship to somehow ride ALL the waves life gives us without needed any professional maintenance.

Do you see how INSANE that is?


Hi, I'm Janelle Fraser & I am a relationship coach, which is basically a personal trainer for the most complex, challenging & rewarding relationship of your life!

You can think of a coach as an alternative, more hip, and practical approach to therapy. I specialize in navigating communication & intimacy challenges for women and couples. By intimacy I mean, depth of communication, emotional connection & quality of physical interactions (sex). I have nearly a decade of experience speaking, teaching hundreds of workshops & retreats, & coaching thousands of clients.

Personally,  I am a sexual abuse survivor, a partner in an 11 year relationship, & a mom. Which basically means, I have had to implement every ounce of what I will teach you.

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